Friday, March 11, 2011

Facebook Challenge: Day 3

Yup. For those of you who thought I wouldn't last 14 minutes (aka J.Ho) think again. Tell me something that I can't do and I'll try and prove you wrong. Someone tell me I CAN'T make $1,000,000 by the time I'm 31 so that I will. Thanks.

Refraining from logging into my Facebook account has been easier than I thought. I feel somewhat of a cheater though because I have other social mediums to express my thoughts and concerns about the world around me. If you don't follow me on Twitter, you probably should. I offer up-to-date tweets on current events like the earthquakes that hit Japan and how our secretary of state public affairs is offering up aid to countries that have been hit. Even the latest vegan recipe for red velveet cupcakes and musings about where the heck Ellenville, NY is scribed on there. Yes, it runs the gamut of popular topics like fashion, foodie-finds, music, church, local and global events and philanthropic events, and charitable organizations.

Naoki and pup

Today's immediate concern is the tsunami alerts in Southeast Asia. My friend Naoki is currently in Tokyo until this Sunday and hope that he and his family are safe. Even the little family I have in the Philippines is at risk. I am sure that God has a plan and that this natural disaster hitting that part of the globe will provide us with unification that we are lacking as a nation in the last few years since 911. We all have family, friends, colleagues in different parts of the world who go through struggles, why does it take a tsunami to suddenly reach out to them? I'm not really sure why we do that, but I, too am guilty of that. I reach out to family and friends only when tragedy strikes and until things get superbad is when I ask for help. I'm getting more aware and better at asking sooner though. I guess that is the perk of entering my dirty 30's. I speak up more and learn that the more I do, the more it gets me in a position of power. No, I can't quite read minds as of yet, so I try and get to the bottom of things before they blow up in my face. If you don't like it, tough nuggies. No, but seriously, this fast from FB is going to be interesting.

Prayer Requests

 I am currently in pain from a fall down a flight of steel stairs at work yesterday but the show must go on. I hope and pray that I heal quickly so that I may continue training for the half marathon in 22 days.

I will be walking the premises of our possible new West Side location for Forefront Church with the Rev Jacob and Lee today. We are also going to visit our good friend Teddy to see how he is doing. Please pray that our friend Teddy finds the strength to keep going and to not let being in a wheelchair stop him from getting to church. I also pray that the West Side community continues to grow and affect our communities in a positive way.21

Pray for my family and friends in Southeast Asia who are affected by the earthquake(s) and tsunami(s). May they find healing and strength during this ordeal.

*IF you have something that you would like me to be praying for, please send it to me at or leave a comment below.

THANKS SO much for your readership. I appreciate it!

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