Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hard to say what it is I see in you...

because I don't allow anyone in for fear of...LOVE. As far as I can remember, dating has always been something I had a hard time doing...until now. It's hard to believe that 1 in 5 relationships stems from an online dating site. YES. I have known at least 5 couples who are either married, engaged or really f*cking serious at the moment and its comforting to know that 20% of all successful relationships happen within the interwebs, which brings me to the point of social networking sites. You know which ones I'm talking about. Don't even try and front dude. I know. That one never even crossed my mind, but whatevs. Go for it DIVA!

Could you possibly see yourself being a main attraction after responding to a tweet? For someone who has NO prior knowledge of you, through 140 words or less, can now respond to you and instantly grab your attention? In this day in age, who says you can't meet perfect gentlemen on the internet. I've found and gone on dates with at least 3, since Halloween. Yes. I know, lame for like, 2.3 seconds but kinda fun at the same time. The most recent is through the brilliant idea of microblogging, developed by Jack Dorsey,
Evan WilliamsBiz Stone-TWITTER. If you don't already have one, get on it. If you don't see the point in it now, I guarantee you will in the next 6 months. If you don't have a business to promote or a record to release or a baby on the way, this may not apply to you...but if you are a tech-savvy business person, you would create a free profile. RIGHT. NOW. or if you just wanna tap some a$$, this DEFINITELY applies to you. It's probably better than or and I'll tell you why. You can keep scrolling down on someone's profile, granted that they keep their tweets unprotected like all them teen moms on MTV, and legitimately stalk that person. You can even do a search to see what other people say about them under the trending topics. So yes, this is kind of silly, I admit,  but totally legit. I kinda like the outcome of this happenstance and only time will tell what will come of it.
I am not professing any kind of love for the aforementioned but just an observation I am reveling in. Not sure what has been presented in front of me but organically, I like where its going. Subconsciously, I have dreamt of such a happenstance and grateful for the pace that it seems to be going in. I am living in the direction that God intended me to go and I continue to pray that it all unfolds at the right moment.


  1. I actually found myself doing a google search on the people BEFORE the dinner party, is that stalking?? : )

  2. Nice! And no, I don't think it's stalking Carolyn! You're just doing what a lot of us do these days but have s hard time admitting to, so high 5 to you and your brevity!