Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sleep to Dream about a perma-vacaystaycation

Inception (Two-Disc Edition) [Blu-ray]

So, right before I sleep, I try and predict what I dream about based on what I did throughout the day and it has been like being on Larium except for the malaria part. I don't usually remember my dreams nor have I seen the movie Inception but I get the feeling that being on this MV Explorer sailing on the Carribean Sea is somewhat reminiscent. I am not entirely sure that I have fallen into deep REM in the last 4 days but my dreams tell me otherwise.
Apart from my desire to go on a perma-vacay wearing only a 2-piece or sexy one-piece with drink in hand and glowing skin, being a NON-US resident has definitely risen in the ranks. My lofty dreams and goals has been, for the most part, achieved in exponential ways thanks to that fire that God has instilled in me. I am in a perpetual gratitude state of mind as I reflect on where my life has been thus far.
My 4-hour long conversation with one of my shipmates has definitely put things in perspective. He is doing partially what I would like to do, sailing around the world with bare necessities and discovering the world one country at a time. I know that my possessions don't possess me but I am kind of a pack rat and have to dispose of, wait for it, 95% of my belongings. Yup. Aside from my collection of jewelry, photos, and a few inherited clothing items from my grandparents, computer and phone, I want to rid  myself of all else at some point. He reminded me that you really don't need much aside from a pair of jeans, a couple of shirts, a computer and a prepaid phone. I guess money would be great too but he got that covered from being a Wall Street workaholic for 2 years. His 15 hour days for 720 straight days has finally paid off.

As a lady immersed in the fashion industries, I don't know if I can pull off a suitcase of a pair of jeans and a couple of shirts. Accessorizing with beautifully-crafted items by my beloved designers/friends is a MUST and I have quite a large collection. There had been a few funerals as of late of family members and notable people and it makes me realize that no matter how much the sentimental value is priced, you cannot take it with you. I would like to be cremated and become a pile of ashes and re-join the universe by being a speck in the grand scheme of things, just like my father. I know that he is definitely looking out for me during this journey and I am grateful for it.

SLEEPING to dream about my life is quite an intense happenstance but at least I'm sleeping longer and more rested that I have ever been in the last year. 2010 has been an exhausting year to say the least. I am preparing for a more rested and chill 2011. Sailing across waters is definitely a great way to start that. Thank you Semester at Sea for being available to dreamers and explorers like me.

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