Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The APPLE doesn't fall far from the tree

After spending some time with my family in TX to celebrate my aunt's 50th Jubilee with the St. Dominic sisters, I realize that the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. Our love for travel and exploring new places runs deep.  I am honored to have spent some much needed quality time with them. I have been traveling for 13 days from NY to Nassau, Bahamas, San Juan, Puerto Rico to Los Angeles and Robstown/Corpus Christi/San Antonio areas and crossed many time zones on a plane, ship, car, bus and now, the Texas Eagle (Amtrak Train) back to NY. I didn't have a plan except to hit up these places where I would find old friends and family and meet some new friends along the way. There was no agenda aside from just being.

The sense of community with my shipmates and the sisters in the convent were similar. YES. You read that sentence right. The common denominator was that we took care of each other. We all consulted each other of the day's agenda and walked through the day with each other in mind. Whether it was through prayer or a toast to signify that we all made it back after 10 years, the foundation was the same. We accepted each other in whatever state we were in (exploring the world, soul-searching, newly-weds, single and ready to mingle, celebrating 50 years of life with God etc.) and we were just IN THE MOMENT. SO much more to report but my train is about to head out and the bootleg wiFI I am using will not be a strong enough signal in a TO BE CONTINUED.

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