Friday, December 17, 2010

Bi-Sexual Actress, Deitrich-inspired Tuxedo Wear

The Fabulous Marlene Deitrich pioneered this look in the 30' and 40's and is NOW making a reprise down the red carpet. Deitrich was publicized as a bisexual actress late in her career so it makes 'sense' for her to have outfitted herself in menswear. Fast forward to 2010 where gender biases are constantly being blurred and crossed over due to the power that women have now in the workforce. Sure, we still earn about 75 cents to every dollar that a male counterpart earns but I am seeing a lot of men take a backseat and staying at home with the itty bitties. I have a pocketful of friends where the papa stays at home while the mama brings home the bacon. She is seen as an equal rather than the traditional 'breadwinner' definition that we have been socialized to think as far as financial wealth. The men do not feel emasculated at all, they are proud to have a powerhouse lady getting her hands dirty out there and putting food on the table (NOT cooking it, necessarily-there's take-out for that).
I know that I will definitely be working my brown butt off even if my male counterpart, whoever that may be, is a successful well-to-do business man or rock star. For every successful man, there is an even more successful and level-headed woman. OR something like that. Barack is only made cooler because of Michelle's tenacity and hands-on approach to the atrocities going on in the world (Haiti, Palestine etc.) She is headstrong and can definitely hold her own, sans the articulate and well-spoken, trying to quit nicotine, Barack.

SO, I have been tracking this look lately (from Joan Rivers' Fashion Police and Magazines) and is forecasting a resurgence of the modified pant suit for us ladies in the upcoming season of Academy, SAG and Golden Globe awards. Jennifer Connelly stole my look for NYE but I'm not mad at her. Go 'head girl!
If you have a hot body but want to wear menswear and still maintain a feminine silhouette, follow the guide above from Cheers to you and happy shopping for that PERFECT Femme Tuxedo look a la Deitrich!

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