Thursday, December 9, 2010

2nd blog in one day...I know. NEPOTISM at its best

As I smell the Coconut Milk Mango scented Illume candle ( at my bedside table, I can't help but be inspired by today's wonderment. I'm a big fan of aromatherapy and my senses are being overloaded and now feel inspired to type my morning ruminations.
I recently read an article by a fellow tweeter, @LorenIdinger: about some tips on being a millionaire at 30. This, of course was already on my vision board that I stare at EVERDAY and now have to revise and edit because the images, text, goals that I had placed on there have 98% come to fruition. YES. I received a check for $1300. CHECK. Yes. My mother is now in remission from her cancer. CHECK. Yes. I now have a place to live (I didn't for 6 months after taking a hiatus from NYC to be in chemotherapy with my mom in CA) CHECK. Yes. I have produced and directed a play off-Broadway/CHECK! Yes. I have seen myself back on Television and continue to having my face recorded for all to see...but is that enough? Would I constantly envision myself in these situations and achieve all the things that I have asked the Universe for? AND now, constantly pray for?
Yes, I said that this blog isn't going to be about Religion but I can't help but practice being God-Centered in my everyday life because it HAS and continue to be the pinnacle of my interests and everyday goings-on.

As for the notion of being a millionaire in my 30's, well...being a business owner in the non-profit sector kinda makes that a juxtaposing goal BUT I will trust that the dude upstairs has something to do with that. After all, he put me here and I'm on borrowed time. He can easily (or my mom) can take that away instantaneously. A 21- year old man was run over in front of our Madison Ave. location for agn├ęs b. yesterday and that just goes to show that LIFE is so precious and everyday is a gift.

My progress in being financially wealthy is at a slow pace but my progress as a child of wonderment and  gratitude on a wealthy scale has exponentially grown since my acceptance of God in my, there is an underlying religious tone after all but if you disagree, you are free to UNFOLLOW.

Thanks for reading along...until the next musing...<3

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