Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wake-up Call from Paris

My brother Brian called me from the storefront to tell me he was getting me a box of these delicious morsels of ganache.

So it's 10 days before Christmas and French macarons has got to be on my list of favorite things. (Hint, hint Santa) My amazing brother called me at 8 in the morning FROM gay Paris to tell me that he was walking towards the infamous macaron shop. Because I am obsessed with the French culture, even studying the language from Junior High to College, I almost peed my pants when I got the call. Like, for real. If you were to put a french macaron in front of me and a cheeseburger, I would probably opt for the sweet, sometimes savory former. Yes, flavors like wasabi grapefruit or vanilla rose petal seem a bit curious but I like that Pierre Hermé combines interesting fillings with the beautiful meringue-esque egg white almond flour and 2 kinds of sugar goodness to sandwich the exotic filling like dulce de leche with fleur de sel. One day I will learn to make some from home and replicate Pierre's recipes but for now, I will be waiting by my mailbox of assorted macarons from my brother. 

REASON number 5 for moving to Paris=Pierre Hermé macarons. 

Who wants to go to Almondine in Dumbo, Brooklyn in the meantime? 
My awesome NOT-SO-LIttle Brother BRIAN and I

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