Thursday, December 9, 2010

30 years and 23 days later

SO it's been a while since I've taken the pen to paper so I am tickling my keyboard instead and going digital with my musings.

Thirty point twenty-three years ago my mother gave birth to me, giving breadth to life that has seen much, traveled plenty, tasted much, loved all, heard much and even severed contact with a few so-called 'friends'. Turning 30 last month got me thinking about where I am in life and then I get hit with a message from my pastor about the different versions of me and how NOT to compare my life to others around me. GOD, whether you believe in the dude or not, has put me here to serve a purpose. I may not be Miss Universe or an international singing sensation or even a doctor but I am a: daughter/sister/lover/friend/writer/director/actress/fashionista/jetsetter/foodie/philanthropist/board member/BUSINESS WOMAN.

All these VERSIONS of me could not be possible if I had not trusted my faith in something. Whether that's God or Buddha or Allah is irrelevant but it certainly counts for something. Being raised ├╝ber Catholic (with a nun for an aunt and an uncle as a priest) born in the Philippines and raised in Southern California and now living in NY as a CHRIST FOLLOWER ( can be quite disarming. I recently received a letter from my mom expressing how disappointed she is that I now attend a 'Christian' church but happy that I still believe in God. Even my baptism story stated that I was afraid to follow Christ because I would be denouncing my mother (who gave me life and could take it away in an instant) but I am here. In NYC, following him but this blog is NOT about religion or spirituality. It's about my ongoing research on why I was put here and the lives I encounter and hopefully enhance by my being here and to learn from and experience the 'WHY' I was ever a speck in this grand solar system.
Sit back, ENJOY and feel free to tell me to shut the F up if you don't agree with what I am writing.

Gracias. Merci. Danke. Salamat. Tak. Obligato. Arigato. Grazie. Xie Xie and thank you...


  1. I think we all go through something like this...I did a self reflection of who I am and what I've accomplished a couple days before hitting the BIG 30. It helps to do that just to put life in perspective and honestly I am quite proud of everything I've accomplished despite lifes obstacles :)...I'm glad I'm not the only doing a self reflection...ur AMAZING! Love you Amiga!

  2. Thanks chicka! Love you too. I am inspired by you, even back in Junior High. High 5 to you and your accomplishments Yeni!