Friday, December 17, 2010

Keepin' it 100 (as in 100% all day everyday)

Yes. That is indeed, the fabulous Edie Falco and I on the set of the final episode of Season 3: Nurse Jackie. If you're not a fan, please HULU or webwire it right now and you'll know why I love the show SO dang much! She leads such a great example for those wanting to be successful in the industry. Her great attitude and humble personality and generosity towards the cast and crew is exemplary-something that the show Gossip Girl should learn from. NOT trying to dis GG but the younger actors have an upturned nose, holier than thou attitude that I cannot partake in. I have a newfound respect for veteran actors whose longevity is marked by their gracious selves and humble attitude.

THERE is however, another thing that I cannot stand and that my friends, is THIEVERY. I was called on set to film a scene and was gone for maybe an hour and half only to get back to the holding room to find my phone amiss. YES. I had never had a problem with personal items going missing in holding rooms until yesterday. I truly had a knippsh*t when I discovered my plugged in phone with earbuds lost. GONE. NADA MUCHO. The thief, left the charger plugged onto the wall AND my $30 Apple earbuds. Seriously, WHAT?!?!?! Much to my dismay and the amazing Kevin (PA on set) making a heartfelt announcement to everyone in the holding room, the phone never turned up. My SAMSUNG Fascinate was no more. I immediately called VERIZON to suspend the service and my insurance company to file a claim. Several minutes and $90 later, I get a nice representative to assure me that I will get a replacement phone at my door in T-minus 4 hours from when I write this blog. I don't know what to make of it. Was God teaching me a lesson in being more human and actually interacting with people face to face rather than sitting in the corner, minding my own business with my nose buried in the newest fascination in my dang mobile phone?

I had a great time in the holding room interacting with fellow actors doing the grind out here in NYC and opening up their souls to me as they empathize with my situation. So, I guess, it's not KARMA after all...just God's way of making me PAY closer attention to what's important-people and relationships. NOT an electronic device to make my life more complicated than it needs to be. Keepin' it 100 as Ray J would say.

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