Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Way to GO Marivic

My friend's dad, Gary Black is one of the best speakers I have ever heard and I am excited to share this with you. Growing up Catholic, I felt critical to whomever was speaking to the congregation because they would always speak about how righteous they were and how perfect everything is if you prayed to the right saints and confessed your sins. There was a formula to being close to God and I felt inadequate, still sometimes do but I realize that there IS no right formula to guarantee you a spot in heaven. At this point in my life, I am not interested in achieving or doing the right things to get me a key into aforementioned destination. I just got back from another message from the Brooklyn Tabernacle with my Tuesday night small group from Forefront Church and the pastor said something very poignant. NO one deserves to be loved by God, he just does it. There's nothing you can do to get him to love you, he just DOES it because his love is unconditional.
I challenge you to BELIEVE in a God of your choosing (Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Vishnu, Tom Cruise's God etc) for a week and read whatever book is written and let me know how much (or less) your life has been enriched. I know mine has been enriched in the year and a half that I decided to follow Christ and it has been a struggle but grateful that I started to grow in my faith that I was making someone proud. That I was pleasing him by doing the right thing and helping others who are less fortunate or just at a bad place in their life, or that I forgave someone that did me wrong because that's what HE would've done.
There are still a handful of people that I care about that claim to be agnostic or atheist and I just pray that God touches their heart in a similar way that he's touched mine because I am a much better human being because of it. I am still a broken person with my own misgivings and insecurities but I know that God will ALWAYS have love for me just as I have for him for accepting me the way I am. Broken. Deprived of parental guidance and love. Selfish. Selfless. Stubborn. Philanthropist. FOODIE. Dreamer. Realist. Daughter. Sister. Friend.
Glad that I can call upon God in both times of need and praise as I hear and BELIEVE him say, "Way to Go, Marivic." HIGH 5'ing you dude upstairs! Thank you for being awesome and loving me unconditionally...


  1. Hi Marivic. Way to go! I'm proud of you. So is the Lover of your soul. Blessings on the journey! See you when we get Home, if not before.

    Gary Black

  2. Thanks Gary! Your story was inspirational and I will continue to pray for you and your family, especially John. He's awesome and it's been great getting to know him here in NYC!