Friday, January 28, 2011

V day schmee-day

It's 17 days before flower shops, restaurants, chocolate stores, hotel rooms and greeting card stores get BOMBARDED by, plentyoffish, J-date,,, okcupid and e-harmony types. Yes. Maybe companies like HALLMARK and Godiva and 1800-Flowers rely on this particular day but it really is media-induced. I get it. Who doesn't love getting stuffed bears holding a fluffy red heart that reads, "I HEART YOU." OR a massive box of chocolates filled with highly caloric fillings that makes your ass look amazing? I mean, I, personally am allergic to chocolate but whatevs. It's the thought that counts, right?!?
Maybe I'm just jaded but I am ecstatic at the fact that I have never really participated in this holiday (not to mention all the $ I've saved over the years). Even when I was pseudo-quasi engaged, I never partook or became a recipient of a bouquet of red roses sent to my workplace or sat in a hard to reserve spot kind of eatery or rented a nice hotel with a heart-shaped hot tub but then again, I am not really that girl. I have no qualms or bitterness (well, maybe a little) at this fact but are there any single ladies out there that secretly want all that pomp and circumstance?

If you just said a resounding, "HELL YEAH," I apologize. I guess it would be awesome to be treated like a queen for one particular day out of the year but I have yet to experience that. I don't even remember getting a candy heart in grade school that read, "I like you." or "You're Sweet." I guess there are worse things in life but I just wanted to get that off my 34 C chest. Thanks.

Does it really take all that stuff to let someone know that you love and care about them? Whatever happened to mixed tapes and leaving a little post it note on the bathroom mirror that says, "Good morning. Just wanted to remind you that I love you. Happy SCHMEE day :)"?
 Oh, wait. THAT, I've definitely experienced.
I guess I'll keep my single little heart all to myself until I find the other half that God has designed for me. Until then, I will mingle.

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