Monday, February 7, 2011


So, my lead pastor at Forefront Church challenged us to survive on $2 a day in New York City. Now, the challenge involves nourishment, NOT travel or incidentals. If those were included, I would already have failed because it costs $2.25 for a subway ride to get to work. Now, if I were REALLY diligent and want to take the challenge further to include those things, it would mean leaving my house at 6am and taking the FREE ferry ride into Manhattan, walking from South Ferry to Union Square for work and packing a brown bag lunch. I only had a few hours to prepare from when the challenge was offered and starting it today.  Now, why the heck am I taking this up? Pastor Brian Moll lays it out here:
Why?   As an act of solidarity with those living in extreme hunger in our world (2.5 billion live on less than $2.00/day & 20% live in extreme poverty - less than $1.25/day)

How?  Again, download the challenge here and read all about how to meet the challenge head-on, either alone or with friends (highly recommend doing it with your friends/family/small group/co-workers!)

What?  This is in partnership with Celebration Generosity (CG), and this past weekend we heard about our partnership with Haiti to install clean water filtration systems to prevent the deadly disease cholera. Learn more about CG and what we'll be doing on Sunday, March 6th here.    I hope you'll participate with us, embrace a life on $2.00/day for 7 days, and imagine how we can be a part of the change this world needs.

NOW, I am adhering to JUST the meal plan of $2/day so I started off today with packing a lunch consisting of day-old home-made lentil soup with couscous and frozen red grapes. Since I work at Union Square, I immediately hit up the Farmer's market to scour the free samples of honey, apple slices and banana nut bread. This happens Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturday so I am totally STOKED!!! It's a total convenient thing too because I work in Union Square a couple days a week and frequently make lunch appointments in the area. Only 10 hours into the first day and I'm already doing AWESOME! Hope you are too.

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  1. SO, it's been 12 hours since I last posted this and I am currently sitting at a Starbucks on 17th and Union Sq. west working on proposals and prepping social media for an upcoming release of the Carlos Leon film, Immigration Tango when a woman walks in.
    Her name is Frances. I saw her get situated on the middle console in front of me, counting coins. For some reason, I felt compelled to walk over to her and buy her a sandwich or something. Instead, I ended up praying for her and for God to provide her with encouragement and a hot meal. I asked if she needed some food, she showed me the $1.60 worth of quarters, nickels and dimes she had in her hand and said that's all she had. Now, I am not sure if it counts if I buy SOMEONE else a meal but I was prepared to do so but prayed for her instead. I put my hand on her shoulder and prayed and she gladly obliged and replied with, "Sometimes, that's all you need." I am SO blown away right now.