Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lyrics in motion: Caleb Hawley Edition

The talented Mr. CALEB HAWLEY and I after his APPLE STORE PERFORMANCE on 2/25/11

I have made some amazing connections being part of a church community here in NYC, Caleb Hawley being one of them. You may have recently seen him on this little tv show called American Idol.  Here's a video of his audition in NJ:

So, I met Caleb  2 years ago yesterday (2/25/09) when I attended my first ever small group with Forefront Church near Columbia University. His beautiful wife Samantha was there, along with a great group of intelligent and well-spoken individuals. Throughout the group, we looked at different social justice and global issues, such as poverty, equality, violence, war, and race. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend one discussion involving an excerpt from  The Violence of Love by Oscar Romero due to scheduling conflicts but I have never forgotten that day. Maybe it was because the group had such an impact on me but the connection was definitely an act of God. Being a part of Forefront for the last 2 years has and continues to make lasting impressions within me. There are SO many people that go under the radar every time I attend and it takes a few conversations to see what people are doing to move and shake this crazy world that we live in. ENTER Caleb Hawley.

After an amazing show at the Apple Store on 14th Street last night I HAD to approach him and his manager wife about making his first music video. I have been delving into video every since I bought a flip mino 3 years ago from my own Rude Monkey Theatre Group online store.  I have taken some footage from trips to the orphanages in Mexico with Corazon De Vida, my recent trip to Uganda with Lead Uganda, and just everyday goings on and have developed an affinity for motion picture. I have been dabbling in photography for almost 10 years but stayed focused on my theatrical studies (specifically in acting and directing) so it makes sense that I am going in this direction. I have produced and directed shows off-broadway but it's been such a tremendous undertaking. I know that putting music in video form will ALSO be an arduous task but I am gearing up for it as we speak. I have met an amazing network of videographers, photographers, AD's, actors, Producers, musicians, artists, etc. that would aid in my next venture so I am faithful in the next step. Something about last night's performance and my recent conversation with independent artist manager, Dave Margolis led me to this point. I have been praying for clarity since I recently fell upon a stumbling block in my career and I am slowly, but surely coming face to face with it. Everything has been slowly unraveling before me and MUSIC has helped me through it, as well as my continuing relationship with the dude Upstairs.

Stay tuned in the next couple of months to see the progress of this next phase in my life.
I've come a LOOOOOOOOONG way since my bartending days. I know that God has a plan that is bigger and deeper than I can ever imagine. All I have to do is trust and keep my faith in the process. Wish me well my friends. Until the next one.

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