Tuesday, March 8, 2011

$2/day CHALLENGE: DAY 31 (end)

Smoked Salmon Seaweed Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette from Le Pain Quotidien
So, I started the $2/day challenge on Feb 7th, much like 500 other people from the life-changing Forefront Church . Today is Mar. 8th and the official first day of living like the rest of the 4 billion people in the world who are currently NOT living under the poverty line. The challenge itself was difficult with training for a half marathon but with the help of my trainer, Tim Hollander and the support of my roommate Melyssa Brown and a few others, I was able to make it work. Now, there were times where I found it difficult to ration my meals so that I never exceeded the $2/day alotted budget but it happened probably 4 times in the course of 30 days. What?!? I know. It turns out that I am NOT perfect after all. Big whoop.  **NEWSFLASH** NO one is. We can all try but perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I don't need to stuff my face EVERY single day with unsatisfying, high caloric meals just to satiate something that I'm dealing with emotionally. (ie. CRUMBS cupcake or a cocktail after a hard day at work)
  • a recommended 2000 calorie daily meal plan CAN be achieved with proper planning and a mindful eye of your food intake
  • Running a solid 5 miles CAN be done at least once a week on this $2/day challenge WITHOUT passing out.
  • SUPPORTIVE friends make it easier to do the challenge because they buy into the idea that you are doing something to benefit others and not just to be a pain in the YOU KNOW WHAT
  • DISCIPLINING yourself to be mindful of your body works with everything else that is going on with yourself (ie. more sleep, less extraneous activities that harm your body/soul/mind)
WHAT I sacrificed
  • A mere 30 days of my time 
  • A better understanding of how 2.5 billion people survive in this world
  • An undisclosed amount of money donated toward Celebration Generosity offering on top of what I contributed due to my efforts 
  • PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING towards the people that I pass everyday with dilapidated cardboard signs alluding to hunger, help, desperation because they have no one and nowhere to turn to
  • A closer relationship towards the dude upstairs (not literally, if you're reading my blog for the first time. DUDE UPSTAIRS=GOD)
  • $ saved from this challenge to head to Boston to see old classmates and endearing teacher who will one day walk me down the aisle

 LENT is just around the corner and I would love to  set up another challenge for myself in order to keep growing in my spiritual life and a higher level of understanding of the human condition.

I will gladly take suggestions, starting NOW :)
Mr. Jerry Freedman-The man who has served as a mentor and father figure for 15 years

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