Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is me in Mexico, one of the many poverty-stricken countries in the world.  This is one of the 14 orphanages that I help support with Corazon de Vida ( Quick little tidbit: In 2002, half the population in Mexico was living in poverty and one fifth was living in extreme poverty.  At the national level, in 2002 the rates for access to electricity, water and sanitation were 98, 90 and 80 percent, respectively.

The UN reports that 2.5 BILLION people live on LESS than $2/day. NOT just on food, but for every incidental out there. This is only the second day of the challenge that my pastor at Forefront Church presented to us and I know at least 50 people who are ALL taking the plunge.

SO far, my mind has been blown by the amount of things that we think is NECESSARY when, in actuality, it's all just pretty dang frivolous. A trenta non-fat soy latte macchiatto frappuccino with extra foam and 2 pumps of hazelnut syrup is NOT a necessity. That $2500 Louis Vuitton bag that matches your 3 in. Louboutins  is again, NOT necessary. It's pretty, but NOT necessary. Coming from a fashion background has taught me that frivolosity (yes, I make up my own words) and necessity are fickle fickle idealogies that people adhere to on the daily. Take Paris Hilton for example, how did her Simple Life reality show really show her what mattered in life and what didn't? It was a fun little experiment to take a well-to do über-privileged heiress, have her work on a farm milking goats and make her shop at Wal-Mart (where they sell walls*) and interact with the majority of Americans who don't OWN an Empirical company like Hilton Hotels and see if she learns something. MAYBE for like, 2.3 seconds but honestly, she will still buy her $2500 Fendi handbags and $1600 Jimmy Choos and not even blink an eye. Who cares if there's 2.5 billion people living on less than $2 a day? I'll tell you. A whole congregation of about 600 people in NYC do, and I'm glad to be part of it.

Definitely looking forward to my small group tonight who will ALL chip in to eat on our allotted $2/day challenge:
Small Group Dinner Tonight:
Soup: 2.49 x 2 = $4.98/12 = $0.41
Rice: 2 boil-in-bag = $1.44/12 = $0.12
Sour cream (1 tbsp): $3.16/12 = $0.26 per tbsp
Total: $0.79/per person :)
*Wal-Mart reference: Hilton thought they sold Walls. She had never stepped foot in one.

 Attempting to open up cans at Casa de Paz Orphanage to prepare breakfast for 100 kids :)

We are committed to practicing Celebration Generosity raising and giving away $100,000 this year to 3 fantastic groups: The Bowery Mission, Northwest Haiti Christian Mission and The Orchard Group-Everyday Church

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