Tuesday, December 14, 2010

JUST BReATHe~ even if I DIDN't end up being the baby mama

BReATHe. Simple concept right? (TAT credit to my friend Joe Squadrito) BUT what does it really mean to take a step back and DO just that? I recently saw engagement type pictures but with a pregger wife and hubby with their dog frolicking in San Francisco and it made me think. This time 2 years ago, I could have ruined the aforementioned scenario by flying to SF for New Year's Eve to spend time with said hubby. It's amazing what being in the right place at the right time can do to the destination of your current situation. Now, this is not to say that I could have replaced the pregger wife but they would not have met on NYE if I had flown to SF like I planned. BREATHE. God has always provided an answer to my prayers and he did by bring the ~Los back in my life and then he quickly put a fork in the road so that he can meet his now, beautiful and accomplished baby mama. I was in a somewhat relationship at the time back in NY so I chose NOT to fly to SF like I had planned with the ~Los . We had decided that after he flew me out just a month and a half before for my 27th birthday that we needed to spend some more time together. Well, I'm glad that I didn't end up going there because to see him SO happy with her and their soon-to-be born baby warms my heart. YES. I said WARM my heart, NOT eat at my heart. Is like that old saying, "If you love someone, set them free..."

I am thankfully still in his life, even if I didn't end up being his baby's mama but glad that I can still call him up and tell him how proud I am of him and the direction that his life has taken. I will always have a friendship with him no matter where our lives take us. BREATHE. Taking a really deep one now as I reflect on my past, and being grateful that I can only lean on God's plan and NOT on my own understanding. I am really adhering to that plan of attack because there are things that I cannot explain and I know that the dude upstairs has a fantastic handle on it...WAY more than I can ever imagine.
 So, remember to BREATHE and know that everything will fall into place before you even know it. Happy to be where I'm at in life and high-five-ing everyone who has enriched it over the years...


  1. Thank you for reminding me to breathe today :) I needed it, as I am growing more and more impatient/anxious by the day.

  2. Glad to oblige. I, too, have become impatient over the last few months until this morning. Thanks for the kind words. Have a beautiful day!